The analysis of the hair is a biopsy mineral that provides a reading of the deposit of mineral in the cells and in the interstitial spaces of the hair, collected in a period of about 3 months.

The hair makes an excellent biopsy material for several reasons:

1) sampling is simple and non-invasive;

2) the hair is a stable material for biopsy, not requiring special treatments and remaining viable for years in case of need;

3) levels of minerals in the hair are about 10 times those of the blood and this allows to obtain the determination with higher accuracy;

4) it does not account for the daily fluctuation metabolic, as otherwise happens with the analysis of blood, urine, electrotherapy, kinesiology, X-rays);

5) technological development allows to obtain an accurate analysis of the minerals of the hair, reliable and low cost.


Only the hair provides a reading of the cellular levels of minerals. The cells, not the blood or urine, are the major site of metabolic activity. Blood tests do not provide the same information because:

1) the levels of the minerals are low in the blood, making the discovery more difficult;

2) the levels of the minerals are kept relatively constant in the blood, even when the disease is present. The values ​​of the minerals of the hair are found in amounts 10 times higher and this allows easier measurement;

3) toxic metals are never found in high concentration in the blood, but rather in soft tissues as the hair;

4) blood tests are subject to change by the hour, therefore the diet or other factors;

In addition:

1) The hair test allows the establish the individual’s level of stress and the rate of oxidation, which provides a significant amount of information quickly;

2) it provides glandular activity informations, about the function of the liver, kidneys and tolerance to carbohydrates;

3) it helps to establish a specific diet.



Dr Graziano Cadinu

Biologist Nutritionist


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Dr Graziano Cadinu

+39 346 21 88 292

cadinu.graziano@tiscali.it; graziano.cadinu@bioenergiasardegna.net

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