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Professional skills and competence for your psychophysical well-being

Nature can solve any organic imbalance, but for acting She that we increase our awareness of some basic concepts.


Recover your natural well-being

Our centre in focused in years in the health and herbalism field, specifically in naturopathic treatments with the objective of improving physical and mental well-being for people of any age. Bio Energia Sardegna suggests a form of alternative medicine based on holistic approach, with non-invasive practices that help to get stronger and restore natural balance.

The Iridology analysis is an efficient way to identify the causes of ailments and serious diseases. Learn more about Iridology.

It’s not our intention to replace conventional medicine, we just provide suggestions.


NEW – Herbalist’s shop recommends today:

Oat Bio Drink

The right flavor and energy for a 100% vegetable drink without artificial sweetener. Great alternative to soy or animal milk.

Veradent Mouthwash

Veradent Mouthwash is formulated with natural ingredients, result of the latest researches.


What we do

Bioenergy and Clean Energy: our philosophy is to offer solutions to live better with ourselves and with others, trying to establish and maintain a perfect balance with nature. For this reason, our Company operates in the following fields: naturopathy, herbalism and renewable energy.

Herbalist’s shop: we recommend 100% natural products for therapeutic, cosmetic or nutrient purposes, the result of a profound knowledge of plants and their properties.
Naturopathy: we exercise naturopathic treatments with complementary medicine practices, in order to prevent ailments by maintaining or restoring the energetic balance.
Renewable energy: transforming into clean and safe energy the fundamental elements of nature. We garantee the highest quality and safety standards.


Health practitioners

Our team is at your beck and call for offering the best treatments and products for the health of your body
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The products we offer

You can choose from a wide selection of products, ideal to meet all demands.

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