Cadinu Graziano get degree in Biological Sciences, with final grades 110/110 cum laude at the University of Cagliari. After degree, he rejectes excellent job opportunities in pharmaceutical research laboratories and decides to investigate the consequences of the modern nutrition and specifically how its shortcomings are able to attack cells of organisms, also thanks to pollutant elements.
So, he takes the firm belief of the importance of restoring the physiological balance altered by modern world’s bad nutrition and polluting agents.


Born in 1969 as son of a small shopkeeper, Graziano grows in Nuoro, a city in the middle of Sardinia.
He has a thoughtful, sensitive and resolute character, lover of the countryside and animals, with a keen interest in natural phenomena in general.
During junior high school, while not lacking in interest in literary subjects, he showes a particular aptitude for mathematics and science subjects, thus preparing his training at Science Logic and Mathematics.
Before the achievement of scholarship, Graziano carries out various working activities acquiring experience and expertise in various technical and environmental fields.

Actually, he’s collaborating with various centres in Italy and abroad as consultant in herbolism and naturopathy. Soon, this partnership will lead to the establishment of the Centre for Integrated Natural Shelter: a structure completely surrounded by nature, where people will be assisted in the recovery of their psycho-physical balance.

In about 10 years, Graziano has helped thousands of people regaining their bio-energetic balance against various diseases, thanks to a method fundamentally based on natural supply of substances targeted that fill and counteract the damages mainly caused by industrial and consequent accumulation of toxic substances in the body.

Dr Graziano Cadinu

Bio Energia Sardegna
124 Repubblica Street
Nuoro (Sardinia)
Phone +39 0784 26 20 75
Mobile + 39 346 21 88 292

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Dr Graziano Cadinu

+39 346 21 88 292;

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