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Dr Graziano Cadinu
Biologist – Nutritionist

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Many chronic diseases are caused fundamentally by four factors:

  1. Foods impoverished as a result of over-exploited land and by over refining.
  2. The accumulation of organic toxins in the body that, can promote the development of harmful bacteria.
  3. Over exposure and progressive accumulation of various chemical pesticides, heavy metals and additives.
  4. Unresolved prolonged emotional stress.

Therefore it is necessary to treat all factors looking at the whole and not fragmenting the individual symptoms and treatments.

Nature can solve any organic imbalance, but for acting She that we increase our awareness of some basic concepts:

  • relieving the body from toxic substances heaped-up in years;
  • rebalancing the biochemical and energetic levels in body fluids;
  • restoring some protective tissues, basic of the nervous system and for organs weakened;
  • modulating certain altered electromagnetic vibrational frequencies that resulted the point at issue;
  • harmonizing ourselves with others and with nature.

We all know that the cells in our body, every organ and tissue, are regularly replaced by new cells, but it’s essential to provide raw materials of high nutritive value for regenerating and keeping them alive.

On the other hand, modern diets provides us not only junk foods but also polluted by various chemical substances (pesticides, fertilizers, preservatives, …), both for excessively exploited lands and for subsequent refining.

What happens if we keeping this condition for many years?

It’ll culminate in the early decay of the whole organism with direct consequences both to our children’s development and to our own health, who receive an altered and weakened genetic makeup.

Indeed, for decades allergies, food intolerances, alterations and weakening of the immune system are spreading and more from youth… and gradually more and more serious problems are increasing such as cancer and autoimmune diseases.

In addition to the biochemical balance of nutrients and the elimination of interference caused by foreign substances, it’s as much important how body responds to nutrients. In other words, what matters is not only which kind of food we eat but how we assimilate it; similarly, not only the experiences of life count but also how we respond to them with our words, with our thoughts.

Everyone is unique and that’s why there is no a cure, but each treatment must be customized in the light of biochemical, nutritional, energetic, emotional and environmental factors.

In fact every healthy body gives off its own electromagnetic waves, so every disease has its own vibrational expression.

In Nature everything is permeated by electromagnetic waves:

  • light is an essential vibration for plants, living factories able to turn organic matter into inorganic chemical elements that we call food;
  • the food itself, also the living one, emanates vibrations;
  • the rainbow is vibration;
  • the music and the scents are vibrations;
  • feelings create vibrations.

The vibrational waves are the more subtle but powerful forces in Nature.

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The iris is an extraordinary center that collects all these vibrations coming both from each organ and from the mind, in response to environmental conditions inside and outside of us.


Even if the Iridology analysis is not a diagnosis, it allows us to connect all these aspects in an extraordinary way, helping to establish the root causes that lead up to a specific problem.



Our treatments:


By examining the iris in colors, spots and nuances, we are able to identify and fix various diseases.

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A useful analysis for discovering and eliminating allergenic foods from the diet, in order to prevent the onset of many diseases.

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Orthomolecular therapy

Providing the body with the optimal supply of amino acids, vitamins, minerals of natural origin, against bioenergetic imbalances.

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The analysis of the hair is a mineral biopsy, which provides a reading of the deposit of mineral in the cells and in the interstitial spaces of about 3 months.

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Also called functions therapy or catalytic dechelante therapy, it restores the function of the enzymes for acting on imbalances which generate disorders.

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Negative ionization

The ionization is a physical process, natural or artificial, which releases enough energy to regenerate the physical favoring relax and serenity.

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